Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What a week it has been...

As I sit here at my office desk slogging as usual on a Tuesday night two things that somehow I feel profoundly about have occurred. Firstly, in the morning the NY Giants were welcomed to the city by cheering crowds that lined either side of Broadway. I so wished I could join the parade but work kept me tied down in the afternoon. I have been following the NFL for the past 4 years but this was the year when Giants became 'MY' team. I followed them through the regular season and also their phenomenal run during post-season. The last 5 minutes were the best 5 minutes of football I have watched (Janet Jackson's nipplegate scandal comes a close second :)). Though Eli played like a true MVP(specially the clutch play with David Tyree) I felt Michael Strahan should have been the MVP. He along with Steve Spagnuolo masterminded the Giants defensive strategy and tormented the Pats offense all through out the game. Those precious few seconds that the Giants denied Brady in the pocket finally got them home.
The second thing of importance that is happening today is the primary election. The debates have been intense and things are just starting to heat up a little bit here. For most part the Rebulican nominee has been decided. As the votes are counted as I type this piece I think the next president of the United States is going to be chosen. I do not think a Republican candidate has a chance this time around. With the kind of budget Bush brougth out last week and Mccain promissing to go after terrorists even more vigoursly I think the GOP is headed in the wrong direction. The last Dem debate was very inetersting. Clinton seemed to have the specific answers while Obama rallied on 'hope' and 'change'. Two things that the times desperately seek but will they be enough to get him into the White House. A lot has gone in the wrong direction in the past 8 years and I feel we need a President who can hit the ground running. Making rookie mistakes might cause more damage. Clinton had specific plans to each of the issues. Like her husband she is well informed about the economy and proposed a plan to mitigate the effects of the impending recession. She has worked on healtcare and has a decent plan there too. But, what holds for Obama is that he is the man of change. Mccain and Clinton are the some more of the same. They are Washington and all that is wrong with it. Obama is fresh and brings along with him hope and change and just like JFK did in the 60's he might storm into the White House. It's going to be fascinating Tuesday and I can't wait to get home and call on Chris Matthews, Bill O'Reilly and Wolf Blitzer. May the best democrat win!!!